Intelligent Blasting Booster Model IB651

Overview and features

  • The unit has been specifically designed for the Intelligent Centralized Blasting System and is remotely controlled from the Intelligent Blasting Control unit Model IBC-1.
  • It can successfully fire over a wide voltage range (160-250VAC) and can only be fired from an IBC-1 as it requires a unique blasting signal.
  • Guaranteed output energy for reliable firing of up to 12 Standard Type 0 or up to 3 Electric Shock Tube Starters in parallel via 3Ω (350m, 4mm2 ) firing cable.
  • Incorporates a hard interlock to individually isolate each Booster from the supply cable network.
  • Continuous monitoring of the blasting circuit and key switch position is performed.
  • No local power supply required.
  • The unit is supplied in a sealed, lockable enclosure with a polycarbonate window to allow full view of the unit and includes two glands for the supply cables and a pair of spring-loaded terminals for the connection of the blasting cables.


Owing to the extremely low supply current requirements only light feed cables (1.5mm2 ) interlinking all Boosters at each level are required.

Notice and Maintenance

All service work to be performed by authorized AEC Electronics personnel only.


For full specifications and more information, please download the datasheet for this product.
Download Datasheet