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AECE is based in Kempton Park and manufactures a comprehensive range of electronic instruments for blasting, circuit testing and vibration monitoring.

Founded in 1968 to satisfy the growing need of the South African Mining Industry for locally made blasting equipment, AEC Electronics soon became a leader and pioneer in the field within Southern Africa and in many respects worldwide.

The world's first small hand held Shot Exploders, approved digital Blasting Ohmmeter, solid state Continuity Testers, as well as Magnadet TM technology are a few examples of AECE's numerous achievements.


Recent projects include the miniature dynamo operated Shot Exploder, Suprex Model 621F, weighing 600g, (a fraction of any competitor), yet can initiate over 100 standard type 0 detonators. The 621F is successfully used for de-mining activities in Kenya and Cambodia.

Another new unit, AECE's most powerful hand held Shot Exploder, Model 1221F, can initiate an incredible 900 standard type 0 detonators in a series parallel combination, less than 1,5s after operation of the firing key.

Recent developments in LED and battery technology have resulted in new cap lamp designs. Traditional lead acid battery filament bulb based cap lamps have become obsolete world-wide. Surprisingly South Africa is one of the last countries to universally adopt LED cap lamps.

Much success has been achieved over the past few years with the dependable AECE Centralised Blasting System. Not as complicated as the latest electronic detonator-based blasting systems, it offers high reliability at lower overall costs and seems to be preferred by many mines in South Africa.

Why compromise safety and production efficiency by waiting any longer?

The Model 621F is expected to gradually replace the battery operated Model 281 Exploder, which has been used for years in Angola, Eritrea, Iraq, Mozambique, Tajikistan and Sudan to mention some of the world's troubled hotspots.

The new cap lamps are superior in all aspects and offer:

intrinsic safety
significantly improved LED life (30 000 hours guaranteed)
light weight (600g)
18 hours of light on a single charge
maintenance free performance.


All our products are designed and manufactured with uncompromising quality at affordable prices. Considerable attention is consistently given to the growing demands of the modern mining industry for increased productivity and enhanced safety.

Most of the products offered by our company are designed, produced and serviced in-house. Having full control over the entire business cycle gives the company excellent feedback on customers' needs, on product performance and results in a quick and reliable product turnaround.