VOD Timer Model VOD-3

Overview and features

  • The instrument consists of two identical optical input channels connected to a timer.
  • The time difference between arrival of the first impulse at each channel (START and STOP) is measured and displayed on a liquid crystal display, which is easily read in daylight and poor lighting underground.


  • The START and STOP LEDs light up when the relevant input is activated.
  • Before taking the measurement, the timer and the display must be cleared by pressing the RESET button.
  • The unit is powered by a replaceable PP3 9V Zinc Carbon battery and is capable of 15 hours of continuous use.

Notice and Maintenance

  • All service work to be performed by authorized AEC Electronics personnel only.
  • Not approved for use in fiery mines.
  • Timer should only be opened to replace PP3 9V Zinc Carbon battery.
  • Exposure to temperatures above 60OC will cause permanent damage to the liquid crystal display


For full specifications and more information, please download the datasheet for this product.
Download Datasheet