Shockstart® Non-Explosive

Completely Safe


  • The non-explosive Shockstart® is used to initiate Shocktube using a conventional capacitor discharge Shot Exploder giving an output of >3J and >300A short circuit current.
  • Designed for reliable single use the Shockstart® eliminates the uncertainty in firing Shocktube.


  • The Shockstart® contains no explosives.
  • No licences required.
  • Cannot be fired by cap lamp or battery.
  • No RF precautions required.
  • No special storage is required.


  • A neatly cut Shocktube is inserted into the Shockstart® (see picture). The Shockstart® wires are connected to the Shot Exploder output terminals.
  • The Shot Exploder is operated in a normal way. Standard blasting safety precautions must be adhered to.
  • The Shockstart® is intended for single use only. Although subsequent firings are sometimes possible these cannot be relied upon.


  • As the Shockstart® contains no explosives, no special handling or transport precautions are necessary.
  • However, when used in conjunction with explosives all normal safety precautions must be observed.
  • Caution: If Shocktube is not inserted the Shockstart® may emit a flame and small particles especially when fired with a powerful Shot Exploder.
  • Do not extend the lead wires; they are to be connected directly to the Shot Exploder.


For full specifications and more information, please download the datasheet for this product.
Download Datasheet