Plastic Stemming 55mm, 90mm, 120mm

Overview and features

  • Plastic stemming plugs are used to retain explosive energy in blast holes drilled underground.
  • In operation the explosive energy wedges the stemming plug into the surrounding hole. This redirects the energy of the blast into the blast hole wall, which effectively contains the explosive energy.


  • Good stemming practices, with controlled energy retention prevents cratering and results in less damage to the brow of the stope.
  • Effective stemming contains explosive gases increasing the energy imparted to the rock mass as well as improves fragmentation of the blast rock.
  • It greatly reduces airblast and the damage caused as a result of airblast.
  • Simple and easy to use and can be incorporated into charging procedures for underground blast holes.
  • Ready for immediate use and is stored with ease underground.

Operating Instructions

  • The stemming is ready for insertion into the hole.
  • Clip the IED lead wires or Shocktube into the gate in the cap.
  • Place the closed end of the stemming into the blast hole and push it until the cap fingers engage the blast hole wall.
  • Pull back on the IED leads or Shocktube to ensure it is free and has not become tangeld.
  • While holding the lead wires or Shocktube push the stemming into the desired position in the blast hole.


For full specifications and more information, please download the datasheet for this product.
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