Peak Particle Velocity Meter Model VM-01D

Overview and features

  • This instrument measures one of the three components of ground particle velocity, normally vertical and displays the peak reading on the large liquid crystal display, which is easily read in both daylight and poor lighting underground, until power is switched off.
  • The single power switch allows for ease of operation; it also resets the display should undesired events be captured.
  • The VM-01D is supplied in a protective carrying case together with a sensor, metal block and spike anchoring attachments.


  • As the meter measures only a single component of ground particle velocity, the reading is usually where necessary doubled to allow for the other two components. This adjusted value is used to assess the likelihood of structural damage.
  • The unit is powered by a replaceable PP3 9V Alkaline battery and is capable of 25 hours of continuous use.

Notice and Maintenance

  • All service work to be performed by authorized AEC Electronics personnel only.
  • Meter should only be opened to replace PP3 9V Alkaline battery.
  • Exposure to temperatures above 60OC will cause permanent damage to the liquid crystal display


For full specifications and more information, please download the datasheet for this product.
Download Datasheet