Minimate BlasterTM

Since 1982, Instantel has produced best-of-class vibration monitoring equipment for mining, construction and geotechnical applications. Instantel products are designed to be versatile, easy to use, and tough.

The Minimate Blaster is a compact, cost-effective, vibration and overpressure monitor. It provides manual or continuous modes or waveform recordings.


Key features include:

  • Compact size with easy-to-use keyboard and display
  • Sample rates from 1 to 5K samples per second for each channel.
  • Stores 300 one-second waveform events at 1kps sample rate.
  • Zero dead-time between events.

Instantel Recommendations

  • Blastmate III Minimate Plus Minimate Minimate Blaster
  • Blast monitoring for compliance
  • Construction monitoring
  • Tunnel monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Blast Analysis
  • Underwater Monitoring
  • Pile Driving

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