Max-el Maxfire 1.4S Electric Initiator

Overview and features

  • The Max-el Maxfire initiator will not initiate due to impact which makes it superior to traditional detonators.
  • When used with the clip system, it eliminates cutoffs due to shrapnel, makes connection simpler, reduces amount of shocktube used and also eliminates detonators lying on the footwall during charging.

Handling and Storage

  • Handle with care.
  • Prohibit eating, drinking and smoking in areas of storage and use.
  • Store initiators and explosives seperately.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from incompatible materials and heat sources.
  • Storage areas should have appropriate fire protection and ventilation systems.

Operating Instructions

  • Remove blanking plug from clip system.
  • Insert the Max-el Maxfire into clip system and secure by screwing cap onto clip.
  • Follow safe blasting practice as per MHSA 2015 Explosives Regulation Chapter 4


For full specifications and more information, please download the datasheet for this product.
Download Datasheet