All our products are designed and manufactured with uncompromising quality at affordable prices. Considerable attention is consistently given to the growing demands of the modern mining industry for increased productivity and enhanced safety.

Most of the products offered by our company are designed, produced and serviced in-house. Having full control over the entire business cycle gives the company excellent feedback on customers' needs, on product performance and results in a quick and reliable product turnaround.

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Shot exploders Testers Centralised Blasting Instantel Initiators Cap Lamps

Max Starter SA-01

Sensitive, Static Safe Starter for Shocktube Overview and features Recommended for the effective initiation of Shocktube using the C-type connector […]

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Shockstart® Non-Explosive

Completely Safe Functions The non-explosive Shockstart® is used to initiate Shocktube using a conventional capacitor discharge Shot Exploder giving an […]

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VOD Timer Model VOD-3

Overview and features The instrument consists of two identical optical input channels connected to a timer. The time difference between […]

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