WD651 – Window Delay Shot Exploder

Timed Window Delay Exploder
The WD651 can only be activated in the window period specified on the unit. A light indicator flashes at 1s intervals during the timing cycle. The light turns on at the end of the delay timing cycle and 8-20s later the unit fires.
Designed as a replacement for Centralised Blasting the standalone mains operated Window Delay Exploder is capable of firing up to 12 Standard Type 0 detonators connected in parallel where the circuit resistance does not exceed 3?. The WD651 is operated by means of a key switch and fires at a specific time indicated.


  • The power key is removable in the ON position thus preventing unauthorised use.
  • Short duration mains supply interruptions do not affect operation.
  • The Model WD651 can perform several timing/blasting operations even if the mains supply is not available.
  • The same light is used for timing and charging cycle indication. Failure of this light can therefore easily be detected.
  • The unit is supplied in a sealed, lockable enclosure with a window.


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