Dual Level Isolator LI-2


  • The Dual Level Isolator is designed for the Electronic Centralized Blasting System, based on Centralized Blasting controller Model CBC-2 and either Blasting Boosters Model 571C-2 or MagnaStart® Boosters Model 212C-2.
  • It is typically located at each station or section and allows isolation of two levels or sections from the shaft supply cable.
  • The unit is supplied in a sealed, lockable enclosure with a polycarbonate insert to allow full view of the unit.
  • It continuously indicates the state of the Centralized Blasting cable network.


  • It joins the inter-level shaft supply cables, which are normally connected to the outgoing cables, supplying all the Boosters in each of the two levels or sections.
  •  There are two level isolator key switches which permit isolation of outgoing level supply cables. This enables rapid location of short circuit faults.
  • If either switch is switched in ISOLATED mode the corresponding cable is connected to the TEST terminals, permitting testing of the cable for short circuit or earth leakage faults.
  • WARNING: Do not turn both key switches to ISOLATED position at the same time as this will connect the two levels in parallel which could complicate fault finding.

Notice and maintenance

All service work to be done by authorised AEC Electronics personnel.


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