Delay Booster for Parallel Firing Models 552B


  • The Delay Booster is capable of firing 15 Type 0 (standard IED or ShurstartTM) or up to 3 Type 1 (Shocktube Initiator or Statsafe®) electric initiators/ detonators connected in parallel via 3Ω (350m, 4mm2 ) firing cable.
  • An indicator light flashes at 1s intervals during the timing cycle. The light turns on at the end of the delay timing cycle and 10-15s later the unit fires.
  • The Delay Booster is operated by means of a key switch and fires after the time indicated.

    Safety Features

    • The key is removable in the ON position thus preventing unauthorized use. Switching the Delay Booster off and then on again resets the circuit to its full time delay period.
    • Short duration mains supply interruptions do not affect the operation.
    • The Delay Booster can perform several timing/ blasting operations even if the mains supply is not available.
    • The same light is used for timing and charging cycle indication. Failure of this light can therefore easily be detected.
    • The unit is supplied in a sealed, lockable enclosure with a window.

    Notice and Maintenance

    All service work must be performed by authorized AEC Electronics personnel only.


    For full specifications and more information, please download the datasheet for this product.
    Download Datasheet